Eliza Crooks

Author, Artist, Illustrator

Eliza is the unique child author of "The Voyage of the Pegasus", her first novel, and has just completed its sequel, "The Return of the Cobra".

Currently, she is fourteen years old and makes her home in the state of Tennessee.

Eliza Crooks

The Voyage of the Pegasus by Eliza Crooks

The Voyage Of The Pegasus is the first novel by Eliza Crooks. It is an exciting account of the adventures of the crew of children known as the "Stowaways" aboard the pirate ship Pegasus, Captain Belle Smith and her ship mates, Sydney Andrews, Sawyer Anderson, Ryker Collins, Alice Williams and, of course, the ship's parrot, Donna.

The Voyage Of The Pegasus was begun by Eliza at age eleven, and completed when she was twelve. Besides chronicling the daring escapades of this group of unlikely heroes, Eliza lends her artistic abilities to illustrating her book.

The Voyage Of The Pegasus is currently available at Grace Under Pressure Publishing.


The Return of the Cobra by Eliza Crooks

Eliza Crooks follows up her exciting narrative of The Voyage of the Pegasus with her highly anticipated sequel, The Return of the Cobra.

Travel again with the Stowaways, as they take on new crew members, and face even more perilous and nail-biting adventures. Eliza Crooks, now fourteen years old, has just completed this work and Grace Under Pressure Publishing is proud to facilitate its release!

The Return of the Cobra is scheduled for release April 1, 2024. Contact Grace Under Pressure Publishing for more information.


Maristela by Eliza Crooks

Eliza first realized that she wanted to be an author after penning and illustrating a short story, "Maristela", for a school assignment, when she was quite young. The book was published and was the catalyst for the stories that later followed. Eliza's intention (as soon as she can find the time) is to rework the story of Maristela and present it as a children's board book.

To be made aware of when Maristela is available, visit Grace Under Pressure Publishing and ask to be notified.


Eliza's interests...

Other than writing her stories, Eliza is interested in many things: chess, art, music, songwriting, animals (the furrier, the better) and spending time with her little sister, Evie. She enjoys outdoor activities that involve bike riding, hammocks, hiking, and bonfires. Eliza is academically gifted, a cheerleader, a member of her class Senate and is always up for a good debate.

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